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The Power Of Links

Links are essential if any website is to do well and reach the first page of the major search engines, the more links a website has then the better the rankings will be for the website. First Click Marketing SEO have been helping companies with link building campaigns to increase their Google PageRank and their overall position on the major search engines.

Incoming vs Reciprocal

There are two types of links, incoming links and reciprocal links.

  1. Incoming Links – According to the search engines, incoming links are the most important links for a website to have, the more incoming links that point to a website then the higher the PageRank will be.
  2. Reciprocal Links – Reciprocal links are no longer regarded as beneficial to a website many companies still use reciprocal linking to try and increase their listings, and they wonder why they fail.

What Do First Click Marketing Do?

First Click Marketing are fully experienced in helping our customers to attract incoming links from websites with a high PageRank, we can also create permanent links that point solely to your website, this will add more weight to the link and give more points to your PageRank. Contact us today for more information on our link building services.

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