Search Engine Submission Services

Why You Need Search Engine Submission Services?

Search Engine Submission Servicesare required and definitely recommended if you want to reach the first page of an search engine. The reason for this is simple, by submitting to the search engines you are informing them that your website exists, the tricky part is knowing when where and how to submit to each individual search engine. Our online marketing team we will not force you into a contract to use our search engine submission services,although we would like you too, the choice is yours. Search engine submission is relatively simple, here comes the buts', every search engine requires different information, some take their listings of others, and some require you to simply pay for the pleasure of submission. First click online marketing understand which search engines require what information and which are the best search engines to be on.

So Who Do We Submit To?

We can submit you to any search engine that you request, the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing, Our online marketing recommend you make submitting to these three top of your submission priority. Please contact us for a full list of the search engines and directories that we can submit to.

Why you should never auto submission software services.

Automated Submissions, are generally done by submitting the same limited information, into each site by a CGI script. Because automated submissions are geared to the maximum number of submissions and a low price, most allow no customisation and generally use the same template for every service they submit to. Because 90% of all searches are done using 1 of the 4 major search engines, most of whom block automated robotic submissions makes it impossible to submit via an automated program. First click online marketing submit to each required search engine manually to ensure acceptance.

For more information on our submission solutions, please contact us today without obligation for your free web assessment.

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